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Contact:  Justine Wylie

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The Labrador Club of Northern Ireland receives a number of enquiries every year from people who are interested in buying a Labrador.  To assist our Members and prospective buyers it was agreed that a puppy register would help to put responsible breeders and prospective buyers in touch.

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Members with home bred puppies, young adults or older dogs for sale or re-homing can contact Justine stating their name, the area where they live & their telephone number.  Any enquires will to the co-ordinator will be passed on to breeders who have placed thier puppies on the register.  In order to be placed on the puppy register, both sire and dam must have, as a minimum, BVA / KC hipscore and eye test completed.


It is important that when buying a puppy that you go to a responsible breeder who is rearing healthy stock.  Given that the health information sounds satisfactory for both parents, you should arrange to meet the breeder and see the mother and puppies. This meeting will give you the chance to see the type and temperament of the dogs. You should be able to see that the litter has been reared well and are thriving. It also lets any reputable breeder check you out in return!

Whilst nothing is guaranteed with livestock, breeders who health test are doing everything possible to minimize the risk of hereditary problems. You should ask to see the health certificates for both parents. As with all large, fast growing breeds, Labradors are susceptible to joint problems, some of which are believed to be hereditary. However, it does appear that over exercise can be responsible for certain types of lameness in puppies. It is therefore important, in the first year of life, to restrict exercise and in particular free running, especially with older dogs. As important, is keeping the puppy at an ideal weight for his size and frame. This does not mean keeping him thin just not overweight.

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You should expect to receive the following from the Breeder:

  • A signed Pedigree Form.
  • A signed Kennel Club Registration Certificate.
  • An understanding and agreement of any Kennel Club endorsements.
  • A Diet Sheet.
  • Advice on Training/Rearing the puppy.
  • Advice on your puppy's vaccination programme.
  • A form showing the dates the puppy was wormed and advice on when to next worm the puppy.
  • Copy of both the Sire and Dam's health test certificates (Hip/Elbow Score, Eye Test, PRA, CNM, EIC, SD2 etc.).  Please be aware the Certificates will only show the status of the Sire & Dam and cannot be taken as a guarantee for the status of the progeny.

Breeders should recommend buyers to make an appointment with their Vet as soon as possible after the purchase of the puppy. The visit will allow the Vet to health check the puppy and also to discuss with the new owner the worming and vaccination programme. If the puppy does not already carry Microchip Identification then the Vet may discuss this procedure with the new owner.

Most breeders will issue the new owner with insurance cover which normally covers the puppy for six weeks.


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